Thursday, August 1, 2013

Addendum to Thursday, July 25, Big Bend

On Thursday night when I hiked down to the bottom of the campground at Chisos Basin to check out the road to the sewage treatment pond, I stopped at an overview point that overlooks the sewage treatment pond and is an apparent overlook for campers for sunsets through The Window.  I looked and listened for Gray Vireo from this spot, because I could not make it to he sewage treatment pond and back before dark, but without success.  When I turned around to leave, there was a Greater Roadrunner quite close behind me, checking me out and probably curious about what I was doing.  The Greater Roadrunner was also singing/calling, and also, perhaps looking for a handout, which the campers probably do even though is forbidden with signs saying so.  Below is one of the best photos that I have obtained of a Greater Roadrunner.

No change in the year total.

Greater Roadrunner, looking for a handout?

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