Friday, November 22, 2013

Hook-billed Kite Plays Hooky, Heading back Home, November 5

I stayed in Brownsville last night and arrived at Resaca De La Palma State Park early to look for the Hook-billed Kite at the resaca.  The best place to look is at the north end along the road where one can look down the resaca for a significant distance.   At the parking area near the gate where I paid the entry fee, I met David Smith and his wife, now from Virginia put previously from Ohio near Dayton.  They were also looking for the Hook-billed Kite.  I was slow to get to the Resaca, because I had carried breakfast with me and ate most of it by my car as I was putting my entry fee in the envelope. 

At the Resaca, we did see several raptors--a Red-shouldered Hawk and an immature Cooper's Hawk.  The immature Cooper's Hawk at first caused some concern due to its shape and long tail.  The bird was somewhat distant for good binocular views.  I had not taken my telescope with me, but perhaps should have done so.  However, the under-parts are streaked in the immature Cooper's Hawk and not barred as in Hook-billed Kite.  In addition, Copper's hawk does not have only two wide white bars on the tail as does Hook-billed Kite.  This bird had these features of immature Cooper's hawk and not Hook-billed Kite.  I stayed at Resaca De La Palma SP until about 10:00 am.  I checked a nearby brush pile for Groove-billed Ani.  Earlier in the fall, Groove-billed Ani could be found at this brush pile near the Resaca.  I left the area to drive to San Antonio to turn in my rental vehicle and fly back home.  I was still kite-less, at least hook-billed kite-less.  The Hook-billed Kite had played hooky.

I arrived home at about 12:30 am, November 6, tired but satisfied with progress on my Big Year total.  In two or three days, I needed to leave for the east coast to get to Cape May, NJ for  a pelagic trip on November 10.  The targeted species for the pelagic trip is Manx Shearwater.  Based on previous trip lists on the Paulagics website, the chances are good for seeing Manx Shearwater on this trip.

During this stay at home, I was busy  checking on financial matters regarding a credit card and caught up partially with cleaning up leaves in my yard.

No change in the year list total.       

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