Monday, March 18, 2013

Citrine Wagtail Photos

Courtesy of Viktor Davare and George Bowron from British Columbia, here are photos of the Citrine Wagtail taken on Wednesday, March 6 by Viktor during a visit with Dave Ingram and reported by Dave on Island Nature, and in December, 2012 by George.  When I saw the Citrine Wagtail on Thursday, March 14, the yellow in front of the eyes appeared brighter and a bit larger, and there is now yellow on the lower breast/flanks in comparison to George's photos from December 2012.  The wagtail on Thursday, March 14, showed the yellow much like in Viktor's photo.  The first photo is Viktor's from March 6 which I cropped and zoomed in a bit to better see the yellow.  The next three (untouched) are from George in December 2012.  Enjoy.
If this bird is a male when it changes into breeding plumage, the face throat and breast will be all yellow.  What a special treat to see that!

Thanks to Viktor Davare and George Bowron for allowing use of their great photos.  Thanks to Dave Ingram from British Columbia for connecting me to the photographers and for posting information on his blog on Island Nature.

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