Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, First Sign of Spring

Yesterday, my first full day back home, I updated my blog and started preparing for a late May early June trip to Attu.  Yesterday, because I was in town, but previously could not predict that I would be, I went to a retirement celebration at the Fox and Hound, Mason, for Steve Jacobs, a friend and work colleague who just retired from P&G.  I was great to see Steve on his Big Day and to wish him well and to see a lot of people I worked with at P&G, whom I had not seen in almost five months and also other retirees that I haven't seen in a while.  It was like a reunion for me and was a bit over-whelming.  I must have had at least five different people from Product Development tell me how much they missed me and my work.  One always wonders about how things will go when one leaves/retires and also wonders if it is a delusion that the work that one does is significant.  Apparently, it is so in my case, at least for now.  I also received a similar e-mail message from Chris Frank, who manages the Stability Group in which I worked.  I also got to see, Barb Reeder from our group.  She commented how relaxed, stress free and happy I looked.  Well, yes!  I am having a ball!  I was also able to eat all the food offered at the Fox and Hound and later verified that I was finally over my bout with the noro-virus.   Good riddance! 

Today, Wednesday, on my way back from the local Kroger to pick up items for breakfast, I stopped at a location near my home and found my first Eastern Phoebe, of the year, a true sign of Spring here in Cincinnati, a culvert on Camargo Road, where they usually nest.  The temperature was 29F.   The bird was singing up the hill in the morning sun, where there were probably more active insects.  The culvert was down in the shade.  The Eastern Phoebe makes the total 192.        

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