Thursday, April 18, 2013

Update for Today

I spent at least four hours today messing around with google and finally succeeded in providing read access to my Big Year List for 2013 for al blog readers.  There is a link above my photograph on the blog to this list, which will be updated throughout the year.  Click on that link.  When the list opens, you may need to zoom in to expand it for easier reading.  This list is based on a compatible version of Windows 8 that should work with Windows 7.  I do not know how it will work with a Mac.  Sorry, I can't cover all bases here.  I need to go birding! 

The list includes the birds seen at the top and after a space the remaining birds on the ABA list still to be seen.  I cannot guarantee that all of the new species added this past year that I have not yet seen are on the list at the bottom, such as Nanday Parakeet, Rosy-faced Love-bird, and Purple Swamphen.  I expect them to be on the list by the end of this year.  I may have some additional improvements in format in the future, but for now this list at least answers a number of requests that I have received in comments for a list of the birds already seen.  Recently, a reader suggested that the list of birds not yet seen is more important, so people can suggest where to see them.  The current format includes both the birds seen and the birds not seen on the ABA list.

Special thanks to Bob Ake, who provided an Excel list back in February and who gave me very good advice about how he managed his similar list.  I have copied his format and am using a similar version of his dual list.    

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