Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gambell on September 8 and 9

A Siberian Accentor was found late Sunday afternoon by James Hunnington, Wilderness Birding Leader and Norm Budnitz in the invetments at the far end of Troutman Lake.  I had walked the 2+ miles there and was nearby when it was reported.  I got to see it well.  Beautiful bird!  Dave Sonneborn got a photo which I will post at a later date.  After returning to the lodge to rest my legs (got a ride back with James and Norm), a radio call rousted me to the far boneyard to try for the Yellow-browed Warbler found by Paul Lehman.  I did not see the warbler last night, but saw it once this morning, Sept. 9, and several times this evening, seeing the field marks to count is as a new life bird.  Yet to be discussed is a Little Bunting that only I saw that seems to be somewhat controversial.  More about that later.  Therefore, I have not yet decided to count it.

Siberian Accentor and Yellow-browed Warbler, two great birds, raise the total to 642.  Yellow-browed Warbler raises my ABA total to 805.

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