Friday, February 22, 2013

A Local Owl, February 7

My first day back on February 6, I focused on unpacking, organizing and washing clothes.  I also had a pile of mail to go through to sort into important and toss out.  It took me a while, because I found out I was more tired than expected.  I am having fun.  How could that be tiring?

Today, I took my car for service-oil change etc.  But first I took advantage of a free car wash coupon provided by the dealer.  My white Dart was covered with grime from the road salt, beet juice and the gravel roads at Sax Zim bog in Minnesota.  There was an update on my Dart due to a recall.  Something to do with the fuel gauge.

On my way home, I stopped at Lake Isabella, a fishing lake, part of the Hamilton County Parks.  There was a Great Horned Owl nesting on a platform created from a barrel.  The female ( I assume.) was on the nest incubating eggs.  No pictures.  I forgot to bring my camera due to the other chores/stops.  The total is now 133.

Hopefully, I can take care of a number of things quickly and get on the road again.  

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