Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blog Up and Running, Updated, February 22

I spent this past week figuring out how to start a blog, setting one up and completing entries for January and February.  It will be back to birding full-time now!  It has been quite an adventure setting up a blog.  It will be easier now that I put in some concentrated time this week making blog entries.  It can be tricky at times, but most problems can be overcome.  I accidentally reset all previous entries to Draft, which makes them not visible, even though published.  I had to laboriously go back through all drafts and publish them again.  Special thanks to Chris Hitt and Bob Ake, both of whom have blogs and did Big years in 2010, for their help.  I owe them big time for good advice!  Bob is an old-time birding acquaintance from back in the '70's from birding on the east coast when I was in graduate school at the University of Delaware.  I met Chris within the past 10 years or so on pelagic trips off of North Carolina with Brian Patteson.

As I was making blog entries today at my dining room table I saw a small bird fly down to the trunk of the Silver Maple tree outside of my bay window.  It was a Brown Creeper, a new bird for the year.  The list is now 143.  Now back to birding!


  1. Good luck Jay. I'll mention your big year on my own blog and add the URL so others can follow your adventure. Be safe.

  2. Jay

    Having done a Big Year in my first year of birding, while working a full time job, in 2012 I can say I am envious of you starting yours. It's going to be a great adventure. I knew nothing about birding and now that I have learned so much in just over one year, can't wait to do a full out, no holds barred Big Year again ASAP. It's killing me not being out there right now.

    Good luck in your quest for 749! Mine will just have to be for 750 :)

    Robert Baumander
    Toronto Canada