Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chase to New Jersey for MEGA-Rarities, January 19

All electronic and paper submissions made and mailed.  My car insurance cards arrived.  It's time to chase some real rarities in New Jersey--Northern Lapwing, Pink-footed Goose and Barnacle Goose.  On Friday, January 18, just before leaving I got a call from Medicare/SS.  We got some errors in my submission corrected to my benefit.  I'm crossing my fingers as I leave town.

It is 54F as I start driving north on I71 to head to New Jersey via I70 and the PA Turnpike.  I stay the night at Exit 226, Carlisle.  On my way, I get 38.6 mpg (maximum average).  That's excellent.  I need to be back by January 24 for a furnace inspection, and to get ready to leave for the Chicago area to visit my cousins Jim and Larry. More about that later.    

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