Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cacklers Near Home and Near Disaster, January 6

After listening to the Bengals wild-card play off game, on Saturday, January 5, later that night I heard a ruckus in my basement, and discovered that an animal had come down the chimney and was in my basement.  I checked carefully and noted the chimney cleanout cap was knocked off.     

Meanwhile, Cackling Geese and a Wood Duck were reported at Miami Meadows Park near Milford, very close to home.  On Sunday, January 6, there were 4 Cackling Geese grazing with a flock of Canada Geese on a grassy area in the park.  Cackling Geese are only seen in the winter after fall migration.  These waterfowl are using a pond with aerators that kept some of the water unfrozen.  Wood Ducks sometimes remain this far north if there is open water.   There was male and a female present.  The total is now 64.

I checked things out on Monday and noticed the nose of a raccoon peeking out of the holed.  I took a large board and slammed it flush across the hole.  Probably scared the crap out of that raccoon, but decided to wait one more night.  There was still a ruckus very late Monday night.  So, next day I took advantage of my Angie's List membership (no financial benefit) and got an exterminator to come by.  By Thursday they had caught the young male raccoon and installed a chimney cap.  I was assured that there were no others, and there have not been.  Could have been a big disaster happening this year if I did not get it resolved quickly.  

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