Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heavy Snow, Stranded in Geenbay, January 30

In the morning the predicted snow storm hit Green Bay.  Last night the lady at the Motel 6 desk suggested that I not try to travel today.  After breakfast I found a Advanced Auto Parts store and went there to buy shovel that  s convenient for travel, just in case I had an emergency need.  I spent the day resting in the motel and checking the internet for reports in Wisconsin and Duluth.  Conveniently, four Boreal Owls had just been reported in Two Harbors by the local expert,  Jim Lind.   More reports indicated a Northern Hawk Owl and a flock of 400 Bohemian Waxwings in Duluth.  However, the weather reports still indicated some continuing snow squalls for tomorrow. A total of 8 inches was predicted for Green Bay.  I decided to try Door County first.  If the weather was OK, I would then immediately head to Duluth. 

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