Friday, February 22, 2013

Hermit Thrush, A Breath of Fresh Air, February 11

In the mail I found more paperwork to complete.  There was a request from Medicare and another about a pension matter both would require talking to someone for clarity or filling out more forms.  None of these are fun.

 I had spent about thirty minutes on the phone to Medicare waiting for a real person to answer a question and rejecting requests to go to the website.  I got a letter that was telling me something that was inconsistent with my application.  Signing up for Medicare was a requirement for the HealthCare benefit in my retirement package from P&G, just in case anyone wondered why.  I finally got to talk to a real person who answered my question, but the answer was not in my favor.  After hanging up, I got an immediate call back stating that my interpretation was correct, but I needed to do a phone interview to resolve the confusion.  That would be on March 8 the soonest date.  Somewhat good news.  A mixed blessing, but more delays and more of my time.  I needed to estimate my income for 2013.  I was tired of dealing with this stuff. 

I noticed that there was a report of Hermit Thrush at Kelly Nature Preserve.   So I drove there.  It is about 15 minutes from my house.  Found the Hermit Thrush.  Number 134.  No questions asked.  No issues.

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