Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Winter Finches and Local Birds, January 13

I spent too much time digging out information from the past needed for pension submissions, medicare and social security, such as birth certificate, dates and documentation of a divorce decree.   I also needed copies so getting those requires time.  I had to document that I am not now married and have no dependents.  This is not fun!

On Sunday, the 13th, I needed to get outside and goo birding.  A Common Redpoll was reported near East Fork State Park.  It is quite uncommon to have Redpolls this far south in Ohio.  I went to Ginny and Rob's private feeder where I added Common Redpoll, Purple Finch (not always easy to find), as well as Red-headed Woodpecker (RHWO) and Eastern Bluebird.  This location is usually the best place to find RHWO in the Cincinnati area.  On the way to this feeder location, I stopped in Batavia and found Black Vulture and Turkey Vulture in the large vulture roost.  It also helped that it was a cloudy dreary day and everyone was home at the winter roost.

I continued to South Beach at East Fork State Park, where I added Bonaparte's Gull and a Bald Eagle (immature).  I stopped by the prairie area to look for sparrows and found Swamp Sparrow, Field Sparrow and Red-shouldered Hawk. 

At the end of the day the species list is 75.  Not bad considering only at most 3 days of birding.


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  1. And you found Purple Finch again, in South Texas of all places, at South Padre on April 4, right?! --John Yochum